My app is a mess

Upgraded to the new ST Hub. I probably didn’t do this right, but long story short I have my devices re-joined (excluded/re-added) and they are working, but I do have the old hub still showing up as a device and then many of the old devices that are paired to the old hub.

What’s the best way to clean this up? Delete from the IDE?


If you have devices showing up under both hubs then keep excluding and resetting the devices from the old hub and include them back on the new hub. Once all the devices have been excluded from the old hub, you can remove it from your ST account via the IDE. I would not delete devices via the IDE as they still need to be excluded anyway. A reset is not always necessary but I prefer to do it once the device has been excluded.

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Thanks Alex.

I should mention that my son crushed my v1 hub, so it’s not functional. Is there a way to exclude from the old hub without it being online?

If the old hub is broken, you will need to delete the devices from the IDE as you were saying, and then delete the hub. This will not exclude the devices from the old hub’s zwave mesh network so the devices will refuse to connect to your new hub until you exclude them using your new hub. The process is the same. If for whatever reason it were not to work, then you can reset the device. Instructions on how to do so is different for each device. I would actually reset all devices anyway but it may not be a necessary step (I just prefer to do it as it has saved me grief in the past)