Cannot create simulated switch

(Adrian Gresores) #1

Early yesterday, I was able to create several simulated switches in SmartThings IDE. From late yesterday until now, however, when I try to add more simulated switches, I get the following error message: Access Denied -
We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Thank you.

Unable to update DTH
(Robin) #2

That’s been a known bug in the IDE for months!

You can use a private browsing tab as a workaround.

(Adrian Gresores) #3

Thanks! That worked.


You can also install the SmartThings SmartApp that allows you to create virtual devices without the need for logging into the IDE.

It allows you to create a Virtual Switch and Virtual Dimmer Switch

Goto Marketplace / + More and scroll to bottom:

It will create each device as Virtual Switch 1…2. Then go into Things and rename it.

RESOLVED: "You are not authorized to perform the requested operation" loging into Android Mobile App
(Adrian Gresores) #5

Thank you!