Access Denied?

I’m trying to create a Virtual Switch. I’ve looked up how to do it in the help text and followed all the steps. But, it fails and gives this error message:

Access Denied
We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to perform the requested operation.

I searched and found a few things that I tried but no luck.

Try logging in to IDE with and see if you can create one.


Just tried it through that URL. Unfortunately, same results, Access Denied.

Any other ideas?

if you are using Chrome, try logging into IDE with a Chrome Incognito tab.


Incognito Worked!!!


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Just a note, I also had this problem, and Chrome Incognito also fixed it. Seems like some bad caching issue from SmartThings

Anyone has other options here? Incognito worked for a short while and now even that is not working and I get access denied when trying to update a device handler from its repository.

Things I tried:

  1. Incognito
  2. Deleting browser history, cookies and cache for the last 4 weeks
  3. Logging out and in and repeating #1 and #2 several times
  4. Going Safari
  5. Going Safari private browsing
  6. Clearing Safari cache and cookies - rinse and repeat

nothing seems to work. access denied persists.

Thank you for any suggestions. I don’t know that emailing support will result with anything other than suggesting incognito which is right now ineffective.

Try disconnecting your github account in IDE. Then reconnect it and see if that resolves your issue.

Opinion 2: try a different browser

Thanks. Turns out that it was the device update I was trying to pull that ST is objecting to. It has been modified as a ‘runlocally’ device and if I paste it directly into the IDE, it rejects the notion of that device running locally and is likely why this ambiguous error occurs. I will keep monitoring. thank you.

Incognito worked great for me. I would have never found this. Thanks for the post.

Even though I am getting by switching to Incognito this is not really a solution.

I wonder if there is some hangover from the switch to Samsung account from Smarthings account.

I log into the community using github but into the IDE using Samsung account of course.

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@jkp Icognito solved the problem for me, too. Thanks.

Incognito worked for me. I never woulda thought of that. Good thing there are helpful people on the internet

Word for me too, but that’s not a long-term solution. I wonder what has got SmartThings confused. I tried clearing all cookies and local storage for the entire SmartThings domain, but it’s still not working in my non-incognito browser, so it must have some additional stored state.

EDIT: It looks like I need to delete cookies and stored data from (and subdomains), not just (and subdomains). Now it works…

The one I like is where the IDE returns 403 errors when the webCoRE dashboard is open in the same browser. I don’t know if it was ever established why it happens.

Yep. That happened to me too. I wonder if the problem is that some local storage gets corrupted by having webCoRE and the IDE open in the same browser – which I do a lot.