Cannot control light that configured through smartthings, through google home/assistant


I’m having trouble getting google home to find the devices added via the smartthings connector. It keeps saying the lights have not been configured in google home.

Here is what I have done so far.

  1. setup the bulb on smartthings. It works fine in the smarthings app. The bulb is a “Sengled Element Classic A19 Smart Home LED Bulb”
  2. added an “automation” to turn on the light. …just because i have no idea if google home needs this or not.
  3. enabled the smartthings connector in google home. Granted it access.
  4. verified the google smartapp is present on smartthings smartapps and has authorization to the device and routine (everything)…also tried only giving it access to the light.
  5. gave the light a room on google home control.
  6. restarted both devices multiple times, unlinked and relinked on both sides multiple times.

Note that google home works fine with the light using IFTTT. I have disabled this integration for now as i try to get the direct integration working between google home and smartthings.

Did you ever get this to work? I’m having the same problem.

Yes I did. Apparently DNS66 (ad blocker app) was blocking them from talking to their servers. Both apps did not show any errors.
After disabling DNS66 and re-integrating the two apps (smart-things and google home) everything finally works.