Cannot connect Hub via Android

Hi. I’m having issues connecting to my Smartthings hub. I got a new one 3 weeks ago that never connected. It started showing blue lights that turned off after a while, turned on blue again for few seconds and turned off again repeating the cycle. I contacted support and then sent me a replacement that I got yesterday. Today I tried to connect it but had the same issue.

I have Verizon Fios, the hub is directly connected to the router and I’m using a Nexus 6P phone with Android 6.0. the app goes to the part that is supposed to set up the hub but no matter how long I wait the screen never shows the NEXT option to complete the process. The hub never shows any green lights.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Is this because of some missing configuration in the Verizon router is it just that I received another broken hub?


So long as your hub is able to get an IP from your router and you’re not blocking any outbound communication you should be fine.

It sounds like maybe it’s not able to communicate out or update the firmware maybe? Would it be possible to connect the hub somewhere else on another internet connection, just to do the initial setup part?

The past few weeks i have noticed massive delays and devices not responding. Support notified twice, but only responded once but never responded again. Hub will havev green light but not respond until the reset button is pressed, seems to work a few hours then degrade. I have no isses with any other equipment or with my old v1. Bad unit or is st working on issues in the background? The poor support, issuing and notification of updates is fustrating. They really make it hard on a marriage…

Multiple red message errors via andriod app.

Do i need an rrma on this unit?