Cannot Connect Hive Active Plug


I’m fairly new to everything ST despite having had a v2 hub for a few years. Have essentially limited myself to the devices in the ST starter pack plus a couple of Wemo plugs.

Reading on these forums it appeared that the Hive Active Plug would work ‘out of the box’ as a zigbee device, so I bought 4 of these this week without the Hive hub. However, I’m having difficulties in getting the plug to connect.

Using both the original or new ST mobile app, it fails to find the Hive plug when I put the plug into the connection mode (orange light flashes twice in quick succession). Interestingly, as soon as I start using either of the ST apps to find a new device the orange light stops flashing. So it appears to be interacting with the hub somehow…

Taking a lead off this forums, I dug out the Events List for the hub and can see something called a ‘zbjoin’ at the time I try to add the plug to ST. I’m not sure what I’m really looking for here, but I can see looking at the description that it is finding the plug - providing manufacturer Computime and model SLP2b. And I don’t see any obvious errors.

I’ve tried resetting the ST hub to no avail.

Where do I go from here?

Thanks for any suggestions.

@PilotMorgan if you can PM your account email I can take a look. There were some recent changes in the area of device join that may have caused this to stop working.

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Hi. I’m having similar issues. Bought 2 Salus SP600 plugs a couple of weeks back just after I bought my hub (v3). First plug paired fine then, but when I came to use second one today I have a similar experience to the one described above, i.e. from the device light it seems to pair, I have a zbjoin event, but nothing shows up in the app or web device list. Looks like someone else is having this experience too: Can't connect zigbee on of switch. Please let me know if you resolve this! (Note: I’m very new to SmartThings, so could be missing something obvious, but have already spent a few hours today searching through the forums for an answer!)

@sims @PilotMorgan, can you see if the devices pair now?

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@tpmanley, yes - all working again now. Thank you.

Gosh you were quick! I write my original reply, go out to theatre and dinner, return and it’s all resolved!

Thank you very much

Great, thank you for confirming

:grinning: no problem. Sorry for the trouble you experienced but glad it’s working now

Hi I had the hive plug working fine direct with smartthings hub and only realised just now its no longer working.

Any idea how I can fix ?

@tpmanley is there any chance you can help me, I’m trying to move away from hive and integrate everything with smartthings but can’t seem to pair my bulbs with ST. Thanks