Hive bulbs direct integration

Hi, so I’ve just been gifted a few hive bulbs and I want to pair them to my ST hub as I hear the hive hub is a bit rubbish, plus I don’t really want to have another thing plugged in.

I’ve seen a few threads (from a year or more ago) that say that you can integrate bulbs made by hive directly with ST, but I’m unclear on how I go about it. I’m under the impression that the way it’s done is to create a device handler and set up a device through the Web interface, but I have no idea how I go about doing this.

I’d appreciate a little help please?

what wireless protocol do they use? Zigbee, z-wave, bluetooth, wifi?

I’m pretty sure it’s ZigBee, the threads I was reading said to set them up as ZigBee dimmers, I’m just not sure how I go about this as I don’t really know my way around this stuff just yet.

Put them and the SmartThings app in pairing mode and Smarthings should find them. Then login to and go to the devices tab, Find the bulb you added, click it, click edit and then change the Type field to one of the Zigbee options. May have to experiment with the different ones to see which works best.

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Okay so I’ve managed to get it to pick up in the app but it says please wait and has done for a few minutes now. Do I set up the device on the Web page now or do I have to wait?

there should be a done button or something after it picks up a device. Login to the web and see if it lists it.

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Thank you, I’ve got it working, really appreciate it :blush:


I am stuck at please wait option. Can.u let me know how u got it working?

Hi guys,

How on earth did you get the bulbs to work direct with ST?

I’ve spent hours on this today. I have the Smartthings classic app, and Hive gu10 bulbs.
I carried out the following:

Put the app into “find things”
Switched on GU10’s, which flash once to show they are in pairing.
But then, ST doesnt’ find them at all.
Tried manual add, but that’s pointless as they aren’t listed anywhere.

I’ve looked at the Zigbee stuff but can’t quite get my head around it. I’m logged into the Smartthings web API (see attached) in order to attempt to manually add, but this is where I am getting lost.

I don’t think that the Hive bulbs are registering on the Network and further to this I don’t know what the hive Zigbee ID is?

What should I be putting into the “Network ID” box and also the “Zigbee ID” box? Where would I find this information? And do the other settings look ok?

You can’t manually add a zigbee or zwave device. The hub has To discover it.

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Hi, I’ve been having the same problems with Hive GU10 bulbs. I’ve just read that Hive and Philips have some kind of alliance now. So, I manually added a Hive GU10 as a Hue bulb then tried a few device type changes. Zigbee Dimmer is working for on/off and dimming! Yay!!! I’ll add sandals and a beard to my XMAS list!!!