Hive bulb and smartthings hub

Hi I have some hive active bulbs but I don’t have a hive hub. I believe I can use smartthings hub but I have not been able to connect them so far. Can someone give me a full instructions please?

I tried. There is no zigbee profile when I search on smartthings app. And app can’t find the bulbs

Did you reset the Hive Bulbs? If they were previously paired with another hub, they will need to be reset before they can be paired with your ST Hub.

Yes I Did. What I really want to know is what I need to click on app for app to search?

Which SmartThings mobile app are you using? I’d recommend using the SmartThings Classic App, and then just click “+ Add a Thing” at the bottom of the list of Things.

The app has now detected the bulb as thing but keeps saying please wait and nothing happens? I tried deleting and repairing but it’s the same. Any ideas?

Hi guys,

How on earth did you get the Hive bulbs to work direct with ST?

I’ve spent hours on this today. I have the Smartthings classic app, and Hive gu10 bulbs.
I carried out the following:

Put the app into “find things”
Switched on GU10’s, which flash once to show they are in pairing.
But then, ST doesnt’ find them at all.
Tried manual add, but that’s pointless as they aren’t listed anywhere.

I’ve looked at the Zigbee stuff but can’t quite get my head around it. I’m logged into the Smartthings web API (see attached) in order to attempt to manually add, but this is where I am getting lost.

I don’t think that the Hive bulbs are registering on the Network and further to this I don’t know what the hive Zigbee ID is?

What should I be putting into the “Network ID” box and also the “Zigbee ID” box? Where would I find this information? And do the other settings look ok?