Cannot Connect Aeon Micro Smart Energy Dimmer, 2nd Edition

new to ST community, was testing out using the Aeon Smart Dimmer Micro switch along with the Adorne Paddle switch (converted to push on/off) i have the switch installed and the light is blinking slowly red which according to the limited instructions means it is not paired, this is about as far as i can get, i have the adorne switch functioning and the lights do turn on/off from the micro using the adorne switch but i simply cannot connect the micro to the hub any help is appreciated
thanks in advance

Is your ST app searching for the device and not finding it?
IF so then:
Hook the micro up with a cut up extension cord, then pair it closer to the hub.
After placing into the final destination, run a zwave repair to be sure that the routing gets adjusted.
This has worked perfectly for me, and I’ve got 20 of these in my house.
Otherwise you need to get the hub in pairing mode as well via the app., “+” sign, then connect new device…

The zwave repair is under Home, then gear, hubs, then z-wave utilities.

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Thank you! Repairing z wave network did the trick!