Aeon Micro Motor Controller does not connect

Hello! I cannot get my Aeon Micro Motor Controller to connect to my SmartThings hub. The light on the controller is blinking. The instructions say to use a Z-Stick, Minimote, or to follow the directions on my z-wave gateway. I moved my SmartThings hub close to the controller to make sure it wasn’t a range issue. I’m not sure how to proceed. Any advice would be appreciated.

the module may already be associated with a previous hub/controller for testing by factory or previous owner. Reset it by its documented reset procedure, as well as excluding it from your hub (which you imply it never joined).

That is an interesting device suitable for curtains and rollup doors.

Thank you for the information! It turns out that the button on the micro motor controller is really sensitive to timing. If you hold it for more than about .5 seconds, it activates its function. To put it into pairing mode, you have to hold it for a shorter time–about .25 seconds.


that’s good followup. The documentation of this device is not clear on timing, and it really matters. Thanks for writing it out.

For these type of gadgets, even when the published docs seem clear, then they can simply wrong/out-of-date for the revised device.

Thanks! After days of fiddling, it finally connected. Now I know why.