Issues setting up hub and getting devices paired

I just bought the ST Hub, 2 Aeon Labs Micro Energy Switches 2nd ed, 2 Aenon Labs Energy Switch DSC06106-ZWUS, and 3 WD500Z-1. I got 2 wall switches to pair, neither micro switches, and bot DSC switches. After pairing the DSC only work if there is only ONE plugged in at a time and the wall switches don’t respond after pairing. No device is more than 50ft from the hub.

Anyone have a clue as what to do?



I’m sure that’s frustrating! Since you just got the hub and the Aeon micros are on the official “works with SmartThings list,” I would contact They should be able to help.

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Slight update to the question. How do you tell if the app is actually communicating with the hub??? I noticed that when I tell it to find the light never start to blink… I see the hub on the network so the light being solid green seems to be accurate but the app doesn’t seem to talk to it.

If the mobile app says “Searching” and the light on the back of the hub is solid green then something isn’t communicating correctly. I’d recommend force closing the mobile app, changing data source (wifi->mobile, mobile->wifi) and reopening the app.

When the hub is searching for a device the light on the back should blink green.

Also, which mobile platform? iOS, Android, Windows Mobile?

I’ve noticed with the recent Android 1.7.x upgrade that the devices might be discovered but not show up until backing out and restarting.

Should see the discovered but unconfigured devices if you restart the app.

Lastly, I’ve seen a condition where only 4-6 devices are paired at a time before ST times out and stops looking or can’t process more joins.

Try to pair again and again, but as @Tyler said, check the green light. And also, it can’t hurt to power cycle the hub before giving up.

If you are adventurous, fire up the IDE and see if the devices show up in the devices tab or open live logging and see if any join / pair info shows up in the logs.

Fire up “IDE” I am xompletly new to the hub but was getting ready to asknif there is a way to console in or something to see what the hub us doing.

I tried from a different device then went as far as puttng the hub directly to the modem eliminating network issues. It blinks blue, solid blue, then green as normal. When I tell it to searh from either device it never starts to blink. With each device I power cycled the modem and hub then powered on the android device… attempted a pairing then waited 5min for any response.

Start there. This is the developer interface. Better then consoling in…

Again, which mobile platform are you using? I think it appears you are using Android…

Leave the hub connected to the modem.

Make sure the Android app sees the hub and you are in that “location”

Try adding the devices in the Android app again and see what happens in the IDE.

Lastly, what version of Android and the ST Android app?

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Samsung S5 4.4.4
ST App 1.7.2 build 1721

I will test the stuff as soon as I get back home.

Should I assume the zwave module is dead???

backupVersion: 0.11.604
bootloaderVersion: 4
hardwareID: 0001
localSrvPortTCP: 39500
localSrvPortUDP: 0
macAddress: D0:52:A8:00:87:C1
presenceTimeout: 2
zigbeeChannel: 20
zigbeeFirmware: 1.5.4
zigbeeNodeID: 0000
zigbeePanID: 07C1
zigbeePowerLevel: 254
zwaveControllerStatus: 00
zwaveHomeID: 00000000
zwaveNodeID: 00
zwavePowerLevel: 0
zwaveRegion: 1
zwaveSerialVersion: 4
zwaveSucID: 00
zwaveVersion: 0329

In the event logs it power cycles a few times then says “module failed”

I would open a ticket at and see if they can help diagnose the issue with the hub.

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