Cannot Add Yale Assure Lock 2


I am struggling to add two assure lock 2 devices to smart things hub.

What I’ve done so far

Installed one device in the yale access app, with the zwave module not inserted yet
Moved hub to within 6 feet of lock
Tried adding in smarthings via qr code (didnt work), and manually add device by looking up partner devices (Yale zwave module)
Install zwave module
When following instructions in the smart things app nothing appears automatically appears in the app
Tried the manual add option
Greeted with a screen showing instructions to enter master code (press gear), press 7 (press gear), press 1(press gear). 1 doesn’t show up at this last step, only 3.
(Regardless of fact i cant enter 1 there is no master code! I called yale tech support and they said theres no way off adding with this method.)
(End of struggle)

I reset the lock a couple of times by doing a factory reset, and also pressing in the reset pin (remove module, remove 1 battery, hold down 5 secs, keep holding down, insert last battery, hold down 45 seconds).

So quite stumped by this. Whatever I try doesn’t allow lock to be added to smartthings.


can you provide the model of yale assure lock 2 that you have?
what is the model of the ST hub you have?

I thought the yale assure lock 2 were wifi or bluetooth which means the wifi model would be a cloud to cloud integration with ST and you would select the Yale Access Wifi when attempting to add the lock. You said the lock was added to the yale app and z-wave module not inserted. Do they even allow the use of the z-wave module… you better investigate that first.

Lock is Assure lock 2 Zwave YRD430 . The zwave module says zwave plus on it. Works via Bluetooth also for connecting to phone for yale access app.

Hub is aeotec hub v2

I have two locks. I installed one a year ago and got it to work (manually entering code I believe). Installing the second one doesn’t work. I also Uninstalled the first and that doesn’t connect either.

ahh… i see the z-wave module for the lock now… too early in the morning. try performing a z-wave exclusion on the lock with the z-wave module installed. to do that, find and open you hub in the app, tap on the 3 dots, select Settings, z-wave utilities. or use the Advanced Web App and find it under you hub.

fyi… the aeotec hub is a version of the V3. V2 is the old ST model :slight_smile:


I finally got them working, albeit after multiple attempts. This is what I had to do:

  • Removed battery
  • Removed Zwave module
  • Installed battery, waited until it beeped
  • Installed zwave module
  • Installed the cover
  • Went to Yale Access app, found the programming code
  • In SmartThings chose partner devices
  • Chose Yale, Lock
  • Chose “Yale Z-Wave” (not “Yale Integrated Zwave Plus”
  • It searches for the lock. Nothing happens
  • Chose add manually
  • Screen then shows ‘downloading data to set up your device’
  • Then asks to lock door, enter Master PIN, press 7+gear, press 1+gear, wait 60 seconds
    • I did all the above, and used the ‘programming code’ from the yale app. This time 1 appeared so I could press that
  • After about 30 seconds, it gets added.

Quite a complex procedure! I added the second one with the same steps. No idea why this is so complex and none of it was in the instructions for the Yale lock. I called them and they said call SmarThings. Typical.


Not to diminish your accomplishment, but yes, these were a huge pain in the butt to add. Only thing I did differently was I added mine to the Yale app first. The only reason I did this, was it was the only way I could figure out how to update the firmware on the locks. I had three of these that I bought to replace my Nest X Yale locks. After I updated the firmware, I factory reset and excluded them and then I added them into SmartThings. I’ve had mine installed for about 6 months now, and I’ve had zero issues with them. Between getting them to update and getting them into ST’s it was a lot bigger project than I thought it should be. I’ve now got them working the the RBoy driver and I’m really happy with the features.