Set up Yale Assure lock without Yale Assure linked service

We have a Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth YRD226 with the z-wave module. How do I set it up with SmartThings as a z-wave device, without using the Yale Assure linked service?

What I really want to do is be able to use the Rboy third-party lock driver. I already have the Yale lock set up in ST by connecting to the Assure linked service, but that doesn’t let me edit the driver. I assume I have to set the lock up separately as a z-wave device instead to be able to edit the driver.

If I enter the lock settings (7), the only option is to LEAVE network (3). Do I have to do that, then JOIN network (1) and connect it to SmartThings? Frankly I’m not sure what “network” I’m already connected to. We are already using the lock with the Assure app.



Thanks, @jkp. I already have the z-wave module installed. So I assume I have to disconnect from the Yale Assure linked service, then set the lock back up as a separate z-wave device?

I wonder whether this will mean that I can no longer use the Yale Assure APP - that is, if I can only connect to a z-wave network OR some other connection.

You will need the master code. If you don’t have it, do the reset procedure to reset the master code. If this is a new setup it will ask you for the master code.

Enter the master code on the keypad
Select “7” for network module setting
Select “1” for join network.
On the Smartthings app, add new device, scan.

That’s it, I have 3 of these locks and they are beyond wonderful.

Depending on what you are going to use it for, you will probably need custom Edge drivers to enjoy all the features. They are several available here on the forum.

Yes that’s what I’d like to do. To put the lock into “pairing” mode, I know that I have to enter the lock settings (7), then do JOIN network (1) and connect it to SmartThings. However in lock settings the only option currently is to LEAVE network (3). Do I have to do that, then JOIN network (1) and connect it to SmartThings?

Frankly I’m not sure what “network” the lock is already connected to. And when I do LEAVE network (option 3), the lock says “Completed,” but when I go back in with option 7 again, the only option is still LEAVE, as if maybe I have to remove the lock somewhere else. Do I have to delete the lock from the Assure app?

Thanks, @Redcentauri . That’s what I want to do, but I only get option 3, LEAVE network. When I tap that, the lock says “Completed,” but when I go back with with option 7, 3 is still the only option. Do I have to remove the lock somewhere else? I’m confused as to what’s connected where via z-wave, Bluetooth, or wi-fil. :grin:

With the Zwave module installed, you will not be able to connect to the Yale app. The Yale app will no longer be functional and you will use Smarttings.

Pro tip, do all of the firmware updates with the wifi or Bluetooth module via the app before you add the Zwave module

Thanks, @Redcentauri , I suspected that I couldn’t use both SmartThings and the Yale Assure app.

BTW I’ve never seen any option in their app to install a firmware upgrade. I thought I’d clicked through all the options. How would I upgrade the firmware, please? Thanks!

This happened to me. You will have to do a reset. On the inside of the lock, the circuit board there’s a white button. You have to hold down on that button with the battery in for like about 10 seconds, take out one battery while you’re holding it for another 10 seconds, then release and add the battery. It should give you the “Welcome to Yale Real Living” create mastercode.

Here are the official reset instructions.

" When lock is reset to factory defaults all Entry Codes (including Master Entry Code*] are deleted and all programming features are reset to original default settings (see below).

  1. Remove battery cover and batteries.
  2. Remove inside lock to access reset button.
  3. Reset button [see image at right) is located beside cable adapter.
  4. While pressing reset button (minimum of 3 seconds] reinstall batteries. Release reset button.
  5. Replace battery cover .

Upon reset, Master Entry Code creation is the only option available and must be performed prior to any other programming of the lock.

Read more:"

Once complete it will remove the current network and you can join a new one.