How to have two iPhones on the same account

I have the ST app running on my iPhone. I cannot figure out how to get the same account on my wife’s phone. After installing the app on her phone I saw i had to pay for another installation. After that, it just keeps scanning our network.

Okay… just to verify: you wish to add your wife’s phone to your ST location.

  • did you create an account for her and login to the app using her account on her phone?
  • or are you only trying to use your account? (Same account as mentioned in your post)

I am not sure on what the pay for another installation is n reference to so you may want to post a screenshot of that.

I would recommend: creating a new account for her and using that account to login on her phone.

Welcome to SmartThings!

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To reinforce what @jkp os saying… You don’t want both phones using the same Samsung SmartThings account. It’s designed for each user to have his or her own account connectibg to one or more locations you create

You shouldn’t be ‘paying’ for anything.

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forgot to mention:

to add a new member, open the ST app, tap on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select Manage location/members then select Invite member. You can use QR code, Send Invitation or Share link

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It sounds to me like you have installed the app on your wife’s phone and then used a new Samsung account to log in. That’s a good thing. You really don’t want to be using your Samsung account on her phone too. You can do it, and it will be just like using the same account on more than one device that you control, but I just wouldn’t suggest it.

When you first use the SmartThings app with a new account it will set up its own ‘Location’ which will be empty. No hubs, no devices, no other members. That’s not what you want. What you want to do is to invite her to become a Member of the Location you have already set up. You do that from your phone. I would recommend going to the Favourites page in your app, using the three dots option menu top right to open ‘Manage location/members’ and then selecting ‘+ Invite member’. That gives you a choice of three ways of doing it. You can also use the QR code method directly from the top left icon on the Favourites page.

Once your wife is a member you will find she can click on the Location name at the top of her Favourites page to choose between the shared Location and the useless empty one (which you can go on to delete at your leisure if you wish). At that point things should be starting to make a lot more sense.


Is there a way to identify which phone belongs to whom? I have 6 iPhones in the account and no way for me to know which is which and who is who.

Edit: Figured it out