Unable to add second user to access my home location

I upgraded my phone to the new app, and now I’m trying to upgrade my wife’s Android phone to the new app. I invite her by email. She has a Samsung account for that email. When she accepts the invitation, she gets an error that something went wrong. When she accepts the invitation a second time, it says all set. After doing this, the invitation disappears from my phone and she does not appear as a member. Our home location is not accessible from her phone. We did enable the presence sensor on her phone. I’m not sure what to do. I read the other posts and it seems that just enabling the presence sensor should to the trick, but there appears to be more issues.

click on Menu (3 bars in the upper left of the screen) on her Phone and where you see Home with the down arrow… click on it and see if there are Other Home Locations in the list … or whatever you named the location.

does it show up in Devices in IDE https://account.smartthings.com ?

and did she already have an account in the Classic app she was using?

Thank you for the reply!

Our home location is not shown in the list of locations on her phone.

Her phone does show on the IDE. It was already there because she did use the classic app.

I think I remember reading something about having to disable something in the classic app on her phone. I will look into those settings.

She played Dulingo for a bit, then I went through the process of adding her phone again. This time, it asked to login when I clicked on the link in the invitation email. It’s all working now. Thanks!