Connect samsung devices to smartthing app on multiple phones, including non-samsung phone

I have multiple samsung devices linked to the smartthings app on my non-samsung phone. My wife has the smartthings app on her samsung phone. She needs to also control the same devices. I cannot figure out how to include those devices on her phone so we can both control them. The samsung support pages say to use the find card on my app but because my phone isn’t a samsung I have no find card. I’ve considered using her phone to also pair with the devices but I’m afraid that will unpair my phone. Can someone help please? Thanks in advance.

If you have the main account for ST, create a shared account for her and give her permissions. When she logs in with her account, she will have access to all devices.

So she can have two accounts on her phone? One main one for phone and one shared account for me.

If she already has a Samsung account, you just need to send her an invite for the location.

But I can’t send an invite without a find card. Which I can’t have unless I have a Samsung phone.

Go to “Favorites”. Click on 3 dots. Click on "Manage location " Click on “Invite member”.

There is no “Manage Location” under the dots in favorites. There is “Manage My Home”, “Edit Favorites”, and “Show Status Information”. From what I can tell location features are only on samsung phones.

BTW, your instructions don’t match the Samsung help. It specifically says to bring up the find card which I don’t have on my non-samsung phone. This is also from a lack of location features.

Yeah - It says “Manage XXX” (I tried bracketed “locations” but it wouldn’t post…So - What you want is “Manage My Home” and… I’m using an iPhone.


Yes, there is an “Invite Member” under “Manage My Home”. I will try that, Thanks …

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I got it working. Thanks again.

Samsung has the worst software I’ve ever seen. I could tell you several horror stories.

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