Cannot add Samsung Smartthings Station via my Smartthings app

My new Smartthings station refuses to connect. I’m all out of ideas.

Flashes all three colors, smartthings can “see” it to add it, but when I do so, it stops after I try to connect it to my samsung account. It then says “something went wrong” with the 04-151 error code. I’ve tried forcing my wifi network to 2.4ghz only (found a support topic saying it might help) but that did not solve my issue. Samsung support has not been helpful so far.

Phone: Google Pixel 7
V2 Smartthings hub
Eero mesh wifi network.

Any iOS devices you could use to try adding it?

Tagging @Automated_House to see if he can offer any suggestions

Any luck? I have Pixel 6 pro and v2 Smarthings Hub. Just arrived new today. Keeps looking like its about to finalize pairing and then I get the same error code 04-151

This unfortunately didn’t work for me but I read if you can set your network to 2.4ghz only it might help.

So I loaded Smartthings onto my Samsung Galaxy Tablet and the device connected flawlessly within seconds and is all set up now.

So it must be some glitch with Pixel’s? Or non-samsung devices? I don’t know but its all good now but only because I used my Samsung Tablet.

Definitely a Pixel (or Android) issue. My Pixel 6 wont do it but my wifes iPhone worked fine to set it up. I used my 5ghz network as well.

I’m having the same problem with my Samsung Fold 4 and the new Smart Things Station

What seems to be the case is that with Matter etc maybe Samsung sees the writing on the wall so they aren’t willing to invest into this Hub space anymore.
I tried turning off my 6 and 5 GHz. I tried on Samsung Fold 4 and iPhone 11 and the device would not register. I’ve not had a problem with any other device on my network.
I think it’s best to just return this product if you’ve bought it. I haven’t seen Samsung respond to any threads here or on the various other sites that have reported this problem. It’s probably best to buy Google Home or Apple Homekit whichever you like and use matter supported devices from there. I wanted this to work so all the old devices I built out on the ST platform that are not on matter would port over smh.

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