Cannot register SmartThings Station EP-P9500TBEGUS

Using the SmartThings app, I am unable to register SmartThings Station EP-P9500TBEGUS, using any combination of 5G or 2.4G, restarting the SmattThings app or not, and VPN off or VPN on. This is the consistent error message I receive:

“Something went wrong. SmartThings Station couldn’t connect to SmartThings. If you’re using a 5G AP (access point), try again with a 2.4G AP. Error code: 86-002.”

I need a little guidance, please.

iOS or Android? which brand phone and version of OS?

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what color is the hub status LED and is it solid or flashing?

Android v13, Samsung Galaxy 20 FE 5G, One UI v5.1

The hub status was flashing red, blue, green