Cannot Add Photos via SmartThings App for FrameTV

I want to add my own images to the Art Mode function of the FrameTV. I downloaded the SmartThings App and connected my device with no issues. However, when I select the FrameTV device from the app (on both iPhone and iPad), I only see the remote function feature. It shows buttons that mirror the remote and I can use the app exactly how I would use my remote. I do NOT see any additionally options that would allow me to add art gallery photos.

I have been on the text support with Samsung for an hour with no luck. (Software up to date, I have uninstalled/reinstalled, etc etc…) Their final suggestion is to reset the whole TV. Any other fixes before I do this? This is inconvenient as I will have to reinstall and login to all streaming services again.

I only want to add photos to my art backgrounds. Is there any other way to get the photos connect to the tv?