Trouble uploading photos from iOS for art mode (43" The Frame 2021 UK)

I’ve just purchased a 43" The Frame 2021 in the UK.

I am having trouble uploading my photos from the SmartThings iOS app:

  • I am on my home wifi with the tv. iPhone and TV are both turned on.
  • I tap on the “The Frame” device icon in SmartThings
  • I pick “Art Mode”
  • I do see both “Browse>” and “Add your photos+” (I know that this is sometimes a problem).
  • I either tap “Add your photos+” or “Browse>” > “My Collection” > “+ Add photos or create a collage”

I then get a page with “Select Photos to Add to the Frame” and some other text.

  • Some of the time , I correctly see a panel with photos below this, and a menu of my albums to select from.
  • Most of the time , the bottom of the page is blank with “No photos” and nothing to choose from, and the “x” icon in the upper right doesn’t work to cancel this page. I can access the remote-control icon in the lower-right, however.

Any ideas?

Assuming you’re on the latest iOS version I would take a screen recording and report it to