Canary Smart Home Security device

My wife got me the Canary Smart Home Security device for Christmas. Looks like an interesting all-in-one device. HD camera, temperature and audio sensors. And a siren. Does anyone know if it can be linked to the SmartThings hub?

Looks like it has an IFTTT channel.

I only see IFTTT applets for Canary for Wink hubs?

Try creating a wink account and add the canary. Might work without a wink hub.

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Correct, at the present time canary’s only IFTTT integration is through the Wink channel.

That said, you can still probably use it even if you don’t have a wink hub. :sunglasses:

As long as it’s a cloud to cloud integration, you can just get the free wink app, sign up with Wink even though you don’t have a hub, and then you can use its cloud to cloud integrations. Including with IFTTT and canary.

Then you get integration to smartthings through the appropriate Wink IFTTT channel.

It’s clunky, and there may be additional lag, but it can generally work with any device which doesn’t say it requires the wink hub.


That is an idea. Maybe it will work. But I am reluctant to open the Canary box unless I know it will work. Anyone using a Canary Home Security device with ST?

You can search for other topics on this forum to see if anyone has connected canary to ST. The answer appears to be no.

Some community members were using it in that way. You can check with them and see if it’s still working.

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I downloaded the Wink app. Tried to create a Wink shortcut to use with IFTTT. But it won’t let me without a hub. So I don’t see how I can make it work.

They may have changed something, then. Too bad. :disappointed_relieved:

I managed to get it working in ST using the Wink app and IFTTT. Thanks for your advise guys. The only functions that can be controlled are are the Home, Away and Night modes.

It would be really great if someone could write a ST Device Handler for the Canary. So that all of the functionality could be used directly in ST. Also would be great if the live video would be watched in SmartTiles.


Glad to hear you got it working via wink.

Does canary have an open API that would allow someone to write a smartapp with a cloud-to-cloud integration?

Smarttiles can see the feed from any ip camera if you know the feed url (I think). Not sure if canary works that way. TBH I think you’re expecting more of a open/integrateable product than the makers of canary had in mind.

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Canary promised "to look into releasing their API " for integration a year ago. I have not seen nor heard of any action on it happening though. Closest was for wink to turn cams on/off. Not exactly very useful.

Looks to be very restrictive. Video can only be viewed on IOS or Android. No web browser so can’t view on a PC or Mac, or, as far as I can see, see the video feed through a URL. I would not choose the Canary. But was a Christmas gift and is useful as a security device.


I’m stuck between Canary and Piper. Have any of you had previous interactions with these two? In the Canary vs Piper comparisons, I’ve read that people don’t like the Canary that much.

Any clues how well it integrates with SmartThings or IFTTT? I really like the design, though.

I don’t know the Piper. But I do have a Canary. The Canary is a good
security device. It has a fairly good camera. Motion, air condition and
temperature sensors. But it does not integrate with ST. Canary has no API
available. It has limited integration with Wink. But only to activate and
deactivate the Canary, nothing else. Stringify also has some abilities with
the Canary through Wink. So what I have done is installed the Wink and
Stringify apps on my phone. Through them I can link with ST. One good thong
is, the phone pretense sensor in the Canary is much better than the ST
sensor. Within 2 minutes of leaving or entering the Canary knows where we
are. So I use the Canary presence sensor through Wink and Stringify to kick
off various ST routines. They work well. Also, Canary has no web app. So
you can only see the video feed through their phone app. Not in a browser
or on a PC.