YMMV: Canary camera clearances to $79 at my Lowe's

Not sure how much integration it has with ST but that’s a pretty good deal even if used for security camera.

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No integration at all , unless somebody has performed a miracle. Not a bad camera, audio leaves a lot to be desired. My Foscam in the next room or Nest upstairs will trigger audio where the Canary in the room picks up nothing at all.
Canary just upgrade ( or is about to, I forget the exact date) to free 24 hours of recordings instead of 12. Make a good " bookend" when paired with an Echo on the shelf.
Still show as $199 at all stores online, so might be a manager’s special at your store

Wow I’m going to pop over to a Lowe’s tomorrow to hopefully snag one of these.

Also; I hope this means that Canary Plus release is imminent.

You can get a kind of integration with canary, it’s a little weird.

Canary will integrate with the free Wink app. You don’t need to have a Wink hub for this, because their integration is cloud to cloud.

Wink has an IFTTT channel, and SmartThings has an IFTTT channel. So, you can stitch things together that way.

Exact instructions in the following thread:

I ended up sending back my canary, to many false alarms and the lack of API was a big inconvenience.
The siren might be a nice feature but it has to be triggered manually.
Also, I did not find the air quality readings that accurate.
And the app is a bit messy and sometimes the modes do not change properly.
If you want a good internet ip camera I really recommend the Nest cam. Works very well.

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