Integrating Smartthings with Nest Cam or iCamera Keep


Sorry if this is a repeat question, but I could only find people discussing this topics in between discussions, so here it goes:

I’m looking into purchasing the Smartthings hub, but so far the cameras that fit my needs are either from iSmartAlarm (the iCamera Keep) or the Nest Cam.

Has anyone been successful in integrating any of these with the Smartthings? And how? Were you able to use the cameras to their full potential?

Thanks in advance,

Bump. Interestingly I am in the same situation and would also like to know if anyone has done this already.

I am not sure how you are looking at integrating the iCamera Keep. I have iSmartAlarm, but don’t have the camera.

For arming and disarming iSmartAlarm, I use IFTTT to arm iSmartAlarm when I arm Smartthings. It requires a virtual switch. Take a look at the link below for how it is done for arming Canary. It is somewhat similar for iSmartAlarm, but you don’t need the Wink hub shortcuts. TheCellMC gives a good step-by-step in the thread if you need it.