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(veni) #41

SMS is working again only push notification is not working now

(Alex) #42

Work for me. Sample size: 1.

(Jim Anderson) #43

@veni make sure to contact support if you are experiencing issues with notifications (or anything else for that matter).



Since we have a severe shortage of reasonably priced Home Automation items here in Canada. What about working with Rona Canada to be the official Home Automation product of this Canadian Home improvement Chain? They do have a few hundred stores across Canada and compete directly with Home Depot (Wink) and Lowes (iris not available yet) here in Canada?

(Lost and Confused) #45

Greetings from Vancouver. I would typically introduce myself as being from the Wet-Coast, but we’ve just gone into Stage 3 watering restrictions.


Does anyone know where in Canada one can obtain an ibeacon device such as OR or the likes


Anyone in Canada have an Amazon Echo set up yet?

(Ron S) #48

@geko no Justin Beiber! :wink: We always thought you listened to him while coding!

(Ray) #49

I have one setup at my vacation home in BC. everything work except the default weather is set to my home in Washington.

Edit: sorry, I lied. American Amazon prime music doesn’t work either unless you have a vpn. I couldn’t try Canadian version because I don’t have prime Canada.

(Mark B) #50

Here from mississauga.
Just ordered up my v2 hub yesterday. Hoping I will be able to mooch some info from you guys soon.
And grab that pint or two haha

(Vic Singh) #51

Hello fellow Canadians,
I’m Vic from Pickering (east of Toronto)

I received my V2 hub and power outlet yesterday and waiting on motion sensor.

I’m in the market for a thermostat and from what I’ve been reading the CT30 is highly recommended. I’m on a budget and this seems to fit the bill.

What do you guys think?

I also need 4 open/close sensor.


Don’t know the ct30 but the CT100 (which I have installed) is absolutely great. No problems with it nor its connections with ST.

(Ron S) #53

Buddy, warning on CT30. I don’t think it has a zwave module built in and requires to buy an accessory to enable zwave. I may be wrong.

CT100’s are decent. Search the community for CT100 and you will find tons of information on it.

(David Creed) #54

Hi Vic,


@smart is correct. (Sometimes he is! :wink:) The CT30 can be purchased with or without the z-wave module, make sure that you get one with it. You also need to have the “C” wire (12-24V power) setup to provide power for the unit. If your current setup doesn’t have it, you can have it pulled, or just use an old power adapter. I did that and was able to access from the back side of the thermostat so that you can’t see the wires.

That aside, the CT30 is a great economical thermostat, it’s what I have installed. You really don’t need anything else because ST will take care of all of the scheduling, etc

For the open/closed sensors, there are a bunch of good models available. Some have more bells and whistles like temperature or light sensors, those can be great if you need them. I have found that having a temperature sensor right next to the window will give you readings that are quite different from the main portion of the room. Check to make sure whatever you decide on is supported, and then find the deal that works best for you.


(Ron S) #55

Semi thanks and half like to you, @DavidCreed! :wink:

(Vic Singh) #56

Thanks guys.

What would you guys suggest for $150 max?

(Ron S) #57

There are tons of decent thermostats. I personally use Ecobee3 for AC with 5 remote sensors and two CT100’s for heating (2 zones). Some people love their Nests (In fact I am planning to give Nest 3 a shot for heating this winter so that I can integrate my Dropcams/Nest camera and use the Nest App to its full potential.

(Vic Singh) #58

I only need 1 thermostat

(Ron S) #59

Within your budget, I would really suggest CT100’s which is a supported device and there are several nice community written device type handlers written for it. The only demerit is that it doesn’t have built in schedules and relies on the controllers. I think you can grab one for about 80 some dollars on Amazon. Basic functions will continue to work with or without a controller.

I have never seen a CT30 though and assuming you want a zwave one.

(Vic Singh) #60


I notice selling the CT-100 for $109.

However I notice fine print at the bottom of the product details.
"A one-time service fee of $75 (extra) will be charged per order (regardless of how many items are being ordered) at the time of installation if additional parts are ordered without a Go! Control™ KTCCBAS36E, KTCCINCM36E, KTCCINT36E package.

For any information, please contact Reliance Protectron at 1-888-807-8911 or"

What does this mean?