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( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #61

It looks to me that you can’t buy this or other products in the family from Costco without installation services

Which are free if you buy a controller / hub (and I’m guessing a monthly fee?) or $75 flat with no hub from Costco…

I’m surprised Best Buy didn’t do the same with PEQ.

(Ron S) #62

Amazon in US sells CT100 for 79 US$.


I bought mine at without reading fine print and I get this notice that the service department will contact me re:Installation. I raised hell and the installation package was dropped.
By now you probably realized that it really isnt costco you are dealing with. Some 3rd party dealing via Costco web site.
To costco’s credit, when I complained they really made an effort to correct the problem.

(Vic Singh) #64

Thanks for the update. I don’t have a Costco card and was gonna have my brother buy it. I’ll just get it from and pay the exchange rate.

(Ray) #65

Hey guys, home depot is having a 25% off sale on


@mattjfrank was working on the device type for these. Not sure how far he got. You can do a search on the forum before purchase.

(Alex) #66

I bought two of each on Black Friday and looking to install them in the next little while.

@mattjfrank 's device type can’t handle status updates, but I don’t think it matters for the receptacle anyway as it’s not being manually switched off.

(Dave N) #67

The tapt switch looks interesting if there is a device driver someone has, it looks like it has 2 switches. The desc isn’t quite clear if each button is on and off or if there is 2 separate ccts. The latter would be great as I have some boxes with 2 and 3 ccts and I can’t get all the wires in for 3 zwave switches and barely 2 cuz those damn units are sooooo deep.

(Alex) #68

My understanding is that at the moment there is no feedback from switch to the hub.

When controlling a directly attached load, it can only be used as a 1 circuit binary switch.

(Matt Richling) #69

Ottawa here!

Was on V1 and just migrated over to V2. Overall pretty easy, except having issues with the Dlink cam. Horrible customer service so far from ST.

Purchased a bunch of sensors from Home Depot - the GoControl ones - 50$ for two window/doors plus a motion - all connected very easy.
Kijiji’d a Schlage Door Lock for about half price. And bringing in some ZSMOKES from the US since I cant find any smoke alarms here. Bought a bunch of used Wemo wall switches too. The rest so far direct from ST. Always looking for more!

(Adam Foster) #70

I also saw that aartech was selling the Kwikset zwave 910’s for $149.

(Ray) #71

Somehow it’s not showing up on the homedepot website but in BC. This GoControl kit. 3 sensors, 1 motion and a siren is going for $109 at Home depot.

Man, Canadians really get shafted when it comes to HA. I moved up to BC for a while now and I have to constantly going back down to Washington to get my stuffs. The border guards are starting to give me a hard time. They think I am running a business.


hope someone gets the Outlink outlet up fully supported soon

(Huy Nguyen) #73

If anyone here is interested in finding a decent priced solution for a button remote Philip Hue Dimmer switch can be purchased at Best Buy Canada for $19 and joined to ST and used as a 4 button controller so you can use it to trigger things. It can be mounted magnetically on the wall and removed as a remote button controller.

Here is the community device code:

I bought three of them to use with my Hue setup so there is a manual way of turning off my hue lights without killing the actual switch controlling them, which causes ST to lose control of the Hue lights since they are powered off.

Planning on picking up a couple more to use as a 4 button controller to trigger different events from ST. Cheaper than the minimote and I can get it here in Canada LOL


You bought these at Home Depot CANADA??? Only HA stuff, beside LED, I can find on their web site is switches/sockets and/or outlets. Can you provide a link?

(Scott G) #75

Just an FYI here that I wouldn’t classify the Hue Dimmer Switch as working with ST. While the devicetype works well, myself and other users have had issues with it staying connected to the ST network. It seems to work after initial pairing and light will blink green in response to button presses; but after anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours, it will no longer register button presses in ST and blink red.

I have been unable to diagnose the connection issue, but hopefully the ST engineers that are working on an official integration can find the fix.

(Alex) #76

I bought this set for $60. It’s not listed on the site. It’s usually stored together with the rest of the Wink staff.

(Huy Nguyen) #77

Good to know, thanks for the clarification. I’m using them right now with my Hue hub directly. Was looking to see if the community have found a way for either Hue (Connect) smart app to expose the dimmers to ST (haven’t look at the Hue API if it exposes the Dimmers) like it does with lights or if it can be paired directly (how i found you device handler).

Still a good start though :slight_smile:

(Alex) #78

That won’t work well anyway because there will be enormous delay while button press event propagates from Hue cloud to ST cloud.


Searching the Home Depot site I did find something interesting

Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

Anyone try this? It says it can control up 30 bulbs. How the heck would you select them? (i.e. Turn on bulb 12):frowning:

(Matt Richling) #80

Yeah sorry (the wife says I do that on pricing that benefits me and go the opposite way when I dont want it) - $59 I think for the two window/door sensors and a motion sensor. They also have the $109 for three window/door sensors, montion, and siren as @Navat604 mentions above.

I cant find the link now - they were on the website a few weeks ago. They still have them in the store here in Ottawa (as of a few days ago).