Cheap/affordable Door/Window sensor in Canada?

To all you Canadian users of smartthings, what/where/which door/window sensor was the cheapest you could find that works reliably with smartthings? I have about 40 windows and 6 doors I need to cover, and at the current rate of things its looking to be quite an expensive venture.

I think your best bet would be the open close sensors from Lowes. I’m not sure they have a presence in Canada though. They were on sale for around $10us with coupons and such. It think they are like $13us now though.

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From what I could find, I think it’s only in the US for now. I need to pop by my local lowes to double check.

Yeah, Lowes U. S only. That’s probably the cheapest and zigbee. The other choice is GoControl at home depot Canada. It’s not as small and Z-wave. Or

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Are the gocontrol units fully working with smatthings?

many people here think that GoControl, Linear, and Monoprice are the same devices. They certainly look like it visually. They are Z-wave.

I have the GoControl contact sensors (part of the monitoring kit at Home Depot) and they work with ST.

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I am looking into Gocontrol right now. The home depot close by doesn’t have any in stock and doesn’t have them either. Looking at amazon etc in Canada is ridiculously expensive. A basic example, the monoprice in is listed for $158 + shipping. I have no idea how they came up with that price.

One thing about those devices (GoControl) they are not inconspicuous. There are smaller devices out there. I use mine inside closet doors to turn on lights when the door is opened, so they are not seen in the room.

Ah… thanks for the heads up. Around how big is it?

Home Depot has the specs. Looks like 0.9" x 0.8" x 3.3" plus the magnet.