Cheap/affordable Door/Window sensor in Canada?

(Neal ( / #1

To all you Canadian users of smartthings, what/where/which door/window sensor was the cheapest you could find that works reliably with smartthings? I have about 40 windows and 6 doors I need to cover, and at the current rate of things its looking to be quite an expensive venture.

(Tolik) #2

I think your best bet would be the open close sensors from Lowes. I’m not sure they have a presence in Canada though. They were on sale for around $10us with coupons and such. It think they are like $13us now though.

(Neal ( / #3

From what I could find, I think it’s only in the US for now. I need to pop by my local lowes to double check.

(Ray) #4

Yeah, Lowes U. S only. That’s probably the cheapest and zigbee. The other choice is GoControl at home depot Canada. It’s not as small and Z-wave. Or

(Neal ( / #5

Are the gocontrol units fully working with smatthings?

(David) #6

many people here think that GoControl, Linear, and Monoprice are the same devices. They certainly look like it visually. They are Z-wave.

I have the GoControl contact sensors (part of the monitoring kit at Home Depot) and they work with ST.

(Neal ( / #7

I am looking into Gocontrol right now. The home depot close by doesn’t have any in stock and doesn’t have them either. Looking at amazon etc in Canada is ridiculously expensive. A basic example, the monoprice in is listed for $158 + shipping. I have no idea how they came up with that price.

(David) #8

One thing about those devices (GoControl) they are not inconspicuous. There are smaller devices out there. I use mine inside closet doors to turn on lights when the door is opened, so they are not seen in the room.

(Neal ( / #9

Ah… thanks for the heads up. Around how big is it?

(David) #10

Home Depot has the specs. Looks like 0.9" x 0.8" x 3.3" plus the magnet.