Canadian SmartThings User Group

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  3. Go Leafs!

And, I’m multi culturally enough to say ok g’day to y’all, eh, doncha know. (I’ve lived in St. Louis and Green Bay, and… just dream of Sydney).

The Canadians! They walk among us!

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For all Canadians who want their weather station in metric system…

I modified the ST weather station tile (who was later modified by Cassidy, a fellow developer) and added new UI tiles (precipitation, UV index) and water sensor capability (snow or water actually).

The weather station fully supports the metric system (Celsius, Kmh for wind, precipitation in mm).

See my github at



I’m hiding on Vancouver Island amidst the sunshine and 10+ degrees. Darn daffodils and crocuses (crocusi?) are out already. And sorry but once you’ve crossed the boarder your an American, you probably already have a gun :grimacing: :wink:

Hey guys,

If anyone is looking for some hardware I have 2 Utiltech water sensors and 1 SmartThings Arduino shield available. All new, and I’ll sell them for what I paid, plus what shipping will cost.

PM me if you are interested.


As fellow Canadians, is anyone using the “Better (different) Thermostat Device” with the degrees in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?

Hi Veni,

I am. Mine is a modified version using the code snippet from the first post, and then I added in the code to remove the sliders. Are you asking because you are, or because you would like to?

Where do you call home?

I use the Better thermo with C and no sliders. Works great.

@daven and @DavidCreed Do you guys mine sharing your code? And I call home Ottawa.

Here you go, it’s just marked as CT30+

Superb! it works. Thanks mate!

Anyone needs a Quirky Pivot Power Genius? Brand new in sealed box.

I have had the smart thing hub for about 4 weeks now and am struggling to get the concepts through my thick head. I was very disappointed about how long it took to get to me, 8 week, and am therefore very reluctant to order more from them unless they can provide courier shipping to get any items to me within a reasonable time. As to your question about Ontario suppliers, try Aartech in Oshawa Ontario. They have a large supply of different protocol devices which should meet your needs. I have shopped with them for years and have never bee
n let down. I have an existing Z-Wave network of over 40 devices and am switching from mios. It is difficult to find scripts that work with many of the devices, but I am struggling. SmartThings customer service are more than helpful.
Good luck sourcing your devises…

Len Chilton - Muskoka

Unfortunately I get an error message and will not load.


Allan from Nova Scotia. Was very enthusiastic with stated capabilities and compatibilities but have been very disappointed thus far. Anybody have any suggestions. Wemo, hue and GE light bulb work poorly if at all, schlage door lock opens and closes at random times even ST door sensors are wonky at times. Support has tried to fix issues but no luck, any ideas

@al_cardinal, sorry about that, but could you give me the error message?

I just tried on my end, and everything works fine…

So, this could be something specific in your environment.


For any of those in Canada using the monoprice zwave motion/temperature devices I’ve updated @florianz monoprice motion device type and added temperature offset and C/F unit changes to the preferences. I’m not a super coder by any means but I got it to work for me and tested to the best I can :smile:

It defaults to F when you add a new device, just go to preferences in the device tile and type “C” no quotes in the unit settings.

Walmart Canada has a bunch of cheapo tablets on clearance, starting from $39 CAD.

Push notifications and SMS have stopped working, is anyone here experiencing the same issue?

It used to work yesterday. I will check if it works now.