Canadian SmartThings User Group

(Jimmy) #181

Did anyone actually receive the $30 Stelpro Thermostats from Amazon. I ordered some when they were out of stock but it seems like they aren’t going to restock them anytime soon.

(Joel) #182


I’ve received an email encouraging me to cancel or change the order. But until I get an “we’re not going to ship this” email… I’ll wait.

(Dave N) #183

I ordered 3 (max per customer) today. I cancelled my order with this guy LSMDJGRK as he never shipped, got a warning from Amazon about lack of shipping, and had a one star rating. They were 34.00 CDN :frowning:


My order is still pending, same as @gwydionjhr.

I don’t mind sitting on it all summer, seeing as I (hopefully) won’t need my baseboards to be on very often soon.

(Ray) #185

I ordered 1 Stelpro as well. I just need one for testing since I already have Sinopé Thermostats but by the look of it. It could be a long long wait.


And Amazon cancelled my order

We’re sorry to report we won’t be able to obtain the following item from your order:

“Stelpro STZW402WB+ KI Series Electronic Thermostats For Smart Home, White”

Although we’d expected to be able to send this item to you, we’ve since found it’s not available from any of our sources at this time. We realize this is disappointing news to receive, and we apologize for any inconvenience we’ve caused you.

We’ve cancelled this item from your order.

Your order is now closed.

(Joel) #187

Yup, me too.

(Ray) #188

Idea smart lighting is here and for cheap.

(Neal ( / #189

Didn’t realize they have motion sensors as well with the lights. Anyone have these working with ST yet?

(Ray) #190

There is this post.

(Joel) #191

Interesting that the bulbs can’t be used with hardwired dimmers.

Several references to “light doors” in the descriptions for the bulbs. Any idea what those are?

(Ray) #192

Smart bulb needs constant 120v. Dimmer changes voltage for dimming which is bad for smart bulb.
Light doors is probably referring to light strip maybe? Not sure.

(Jeff Wilson) #193

Thought I’d be friendly and poke in and say hi, eh.

Burlington Ontario Representing.

(Tyson Miller) #194

Tyson from Vancouver checking in…

Long time power user (200+ devices) but still looking for a simple way to automate the horizontal blinds in the windows around the house with out replacing the nice ones that were installed just before I moved in.

If you see anything that fits the bill then hook me up!

(Marc Tremblay) #195

There was a kickstarter for something cheap that would do that…I’ll have
to see if I can find it.

(Dave N) #196

I’m waiting for my Kickstarter blind kits to arrive, been over a year now but they seem really close and determined to get this right. Software and hardware are done but there was a last minute redesign for more memory due to the iPhone app portion.

(Marc Tremblay) #197

This is the one I was thinking of:

(Scott Taylor) #198

Anyone using Weiser locks here in Canada. They are more common than Kwikset here out west, and my house is already keyed to Weiser, so I’d like to do the deadbolt as a Weiser so I don’t have to rekey the house.

(Alex) #199

I’m using Weiser Zwave 11 Button Deadbolt. I chose it for the Smartkey feature.

It works really well in Alberta weather, I had it for 3 years. Highly recommended!

(Scott Taylor) #200

Thanks for the info. I’m in Alberta as well and hoping the -40c doe not freeze it :slight_smile: