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(Marc Tremblay) #201

This is a decent deal. Shipping is cheap and its in Canadian dollars.


The seller for $27 has 18 reviews, all giving 1 star in the last 12 months. Majority of the reviews state that users did not receive their products. Other sellers are in the $80+ range. Buyer beware with this seller.

(Ray) #203

Definitely beware. There are way too many fake sellers on Amazon now so I wouldn’t buy anything from low price with bad review.

(Marc Tremblay) #204

Thanks guys. I see that now. I will try and get it cancelled. Bought this one instead.


I stay clear of kickstarters now. Got burnt with the Goji locks… Kept telling us it was almost done and just needed final tweaks in software. Then a year later they pulled the plug and ripped off all who had pre-ordered… no refund or way to get money back. Kickstarters are a legal way to steal a hard workjng person’s money. Beware.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #206

###Drop of ActionTiles Price in Canadian Dollars

Howdy fellow Canadians! :maple_leaf: (shhh… I’m a spy living in California!; but @625alex and I are both from the Great North!)…

In recognition of the significant fall of the US Dollar exchange rate against the Canadian Dollar (and 'cuz Canadians have way prettier money :dollar:!); we’ve dropped the optional CAD price of the 1-Hub ActionTiles License to $29.99 CAD from $32.99. *We reserve the right to adjust the price again at any time.

Just be sure to select the Canadian Dollar “Payment Currency Choice” before checking out in our Shop.

###Extra $1.00 off Coupon: gohcanada-0618
Apply Coupon Code “gohcanada-0618” for an extra $1.00 off through June 18th, 2017. Limits apply.
(This coupon also works for USD purchases, 'cuz, well, I don’t want to get deported just yet).

Enjoy… and thanks, eh! :beers: :smirk:

[RELEASE: v6.7] ActionTiles (formerly called "SmartTiles V6")
(Dave N) #207

For those of you who want an inexpensive tablet for the wall Amazon has a seller in Canada with a very nice tablet for little cash. Mine shipped from Delta, BC and arrived in 2 days. Quite nice looking, had an issue with the first one and the battery but replaced and the second one is great for what it is. 106.00 CDN and no taxes to the door.

(Mike Breault) #208

I know this is not the place for this, but I currently am running 2 amazon echos and 2 google homes, both work great with smartthings and my Logitech setups. But I prefer to use the Echos as the direction they are heading is more beneficial for me in Home Automation.

I’m just alittle annoyed and frustrated with Amazon as they never get back to you regarding any concerns or questions.

Maybe someone here can help me,

Will the Echo system ever be Canada compatible? And I mean Canadian app store on iPhone, location setup and the whole nine yards.

Also, I love the fact that the echos will detect which device you are closer too, that’s a huge frustration with google home, I’m constantly muting a mic on one of the devices. Just I hope they go all out on voice recognition like google has.

lastly for now, will the echo ever be able to group devices like the google home does? I would love to be able to start and stop music on all devices at the same time!

And of course, I’m about 1 hour north of Toronto!

(Ray) #209

Not sure when but eventually echo will head north. It makes sense to expand up here but I am not really concern since I also have 2 echoes since release and not much of a problem with them. I also have a Google home as well but I am the only one using it. My wife and kids love Alexa.
Both Alexa and Google have group and very similar in controlling smart home devices but you are right about music.
One thing I love about Google is that it has answer for almost everything compare to Amazon.

(Alex) #210

My family unanimously chose GH over Alexa and while both are hooked up and sitting next to each other, no one ever talks to Alexa.

The fact that Alexa is not “Canada compliant” after more than 2 years is discouraging, while GH is now officially supported in Canada.

(Mike Breault) #211

now if google home can release something along the lines of the Echo Show, ill be super happy and completely get rid of the Echos!

(Ray) #212

Google home is only 6 months old. It’s actually amazing to have all the features with such short time.

(Adam Laakso) #213

Nice deal @ home Depot. Wemo switch for $25

(Andy T) #214

Shows $49.99 to me. Is this location specific?

(Adam Laakso) #215

I just changed my location store to Ontario and BC and it still displayed the units for $25 each.

I am in Alberta as well.

(Andy T) #216

Thanks! I changed my store and see this now.

(Ray) #217

Not a bad deal for lowes contact sensor $19.99 free shipping

(Eddy) #218

does this one have external output?

(Ray) #219

It’s zigbee and no external input or output. You won’t find many contact sensor with external output. Maybe fibaro sensor.

(Eddy) #220

Only 1 left, i think ima stick with xiaomis contact sensor