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ebay, panasonic pack of 5, USD$11 shipped

(Andy T) #162

Thanks. Was able to get some from the US. As an alternative, Canadacomputers seems to be selling them for 4.99 cad / piece.


Don’t buy duracell for motion sensors, only panasonic.
Panasonic CR 2 batteries are ok from CC

(Andy T) #164

FYI, it looks like the Wemo light switch is back on sale at Bestbuy and Amazon for $35. I’m still thinking if I should pull the trigger.

(Ray) #165

Just incase you are curious. Google home works great in Canada. I find it’s actually better than Amazon echo.

(Neal ( / #166

Yep, I have 4 myself and its been pretty great. Does the services menu work for you at all?

(Ray) #167

Jelly and headspace worked for me. I don’t use VPN for Google but do have dns in my router for Amazon.

(Neal ( / #168

Ah, the problem for me until this morning was I didn’t even have the services menu in my app. Problem resolved after switching from English (Canada) to English (US) as the language on my phone. I still prefer spelling colour with a U :joy:.


My Cree bulbs were not in enclosed spaces. I’m not sure why they developed the problem. Two were in a three light fixture. One bulb was fine, the other two developed the problems with one of those bulbs being significantly worse than the other.


Lowes in always one of my stops in the US for HA devices. The new packaging IRIS devices work with ST and great prices. Best battery prices I’ve found are on eBay - Panasonic CR123A and off brand CR2. For those near the US border, get a US postal box and ship there.

(David) #171

I found them at the Source - ~$7 i think, but for a few bucks more they upsell you on their “battery club” which offers unlimited replacements in the first year, and something like 3 more after that. good value when I seem to be chewing through batteries every 6-7 months (less in my cold garage). - CR2450

(David Creed) #172

Hi Guys,

This may come a little late, but maybe someone will get lucky. I know if you are in the west part of the GTA you are almost certainly out of luck at this point.

Home Depot put some of their Go Control security kits (z-wave sensors) on clearance:
UPC Codes 093863135439 (~$26) and 093863135422 (~$14)

Also apparently some people have found them at the Habitat for Humanity Restore as well as the Cree Connected Bulbs.

Good luck, and if anyone finds more than they need. Please post them here.



There were tonnes of the Cree Connected bulbs last week at the ReStore near Victoria.They also had a storewide 50% off sale going on at the time.

There were also couple dozen ecosmart soft white zigbee bulbs. In related news, there were none left after I noticed they were $3.50 each…


$20 Stelpro STZW402WB+ KI smart thermostats on (and sold by Amazon)

Out of stock, but they are still taking the orders…

(Neal ( / #175

Thanks, just placed an order for one… Ridiculously low price in Canada anyway.


No Problem.

On par with a mechanical thermostat is definitely ridiculously low…

(Marc Tremblay) #177

If only these worked with forced air heaters/furnaces


They work for my use case.

I’ve had trouble finding smart electric baseboard thermostats that are line voltage (without voiding the warranty/support - Nest), ship to Canada, and not big/ugly/bright displays like the Honeywells. I was going back and forth between these and the Sinopes waiting for a price drop to justify getting three of them.

(Ryan Little) #179

Sold out :frowning:

(Ray) #180

Linear WD500Z Z-Wave Wall Dimmer Switch $39 CAD. Not z-wave plus but decent price.