Can we get a "flight mode"?

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I would like to force my mesh to have regular self-healing so that it is always up-to-date versus the radio and devices conditions.
So I was interested in having like a “flight mode” for the hub.
The idea would be to shut down the radios for the 15 to 20 min healing period on both Z-wave/ZigBee radios.
Of course, the hub has to keep its Ethernet connection so that a smartapp could start the flight-mode and stop it.

Is there any command either by API or (hidden) groovy functions that would do that?

No, and of course if you have batteries on the hub or UPS it won’t work. But it would be easy enough to plug the hub into a Wi-Fi Pocket socket and schedule it independently.

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Nice try :grin: but I don’t want to lose the convenience of the back-up batteries (while I indeed see a lot of folks in this forum don’t install them, maybe for this purpose?) and also because I don’t want to multiply the protocols/app/medium in my home automation.
Another thing that I would not do, is adding more wifi sources in my house and close to the hub, in addition while I already have quite poor performance overall with my sensors.

That’s why I am really looking for a radio off/on set of commands, just like you have in your phone or tablet: that just shuts down the radio, not the cpu/npu etc…

People mostly don’t use batteries because of the following:

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Interesting… I thought they solved the backup batteries leaking issues last year (they even sent a free set of batteries). Are we sayimg that now they are exploding?
What a fix…

Otherwise i am 100% for UPS usage, except that I had to move my hub far from mine since it is at a corner of the house and powers my router which ST support recommended I keep distant of the hub. And obviously I am not going to buy a second UPS just to put my hub on it.

That thread is from last year. They did fix the problem, but not for some time, and it left a lot of people with the habit of not using the batteries.

The habit and a healthy dose of skepticism.

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This is the second time I checked mine and they were leaking again.