Replacing hub, advices?

Hi, I think the zigbee radio on my v2 hub failed (too many disconnections, tried several channels, now most device won’t even pair) so I am raplcing it.

Any advice? do you think it’s better to erase completely the configuration before starting? Or I can add the second hub on the same account and slowly move devices from one to another, then recreating automations (which is what I would prefer, to avoid losing control over the z-wave devices which are still working).

Thanks for any suggestions.

Are you sure that it is the hub that is failing? There might be other possibilities to consider: failed or failing zigbee device(s) that is interrupting the Zigbee mesh; or could also be a ST app or platform issue. Do ALL zigbee devices disconnect at the same time or do some remain connected and working? Using any Edge drivers at this time?

Best advice would be to contact ST support first and see if they will look into your issue.

IF you do choose to get a new hub, I would recommend wiping everything and starting fresh. Running two hubs might be a mess.


Agreed. Run this down before nuking your hub. If the radio was failing id expect it to just not work at all. What you’re describing sounds more like RF interference.


If devices won’t pair, that sounds like the internal hub controller failing to me, but support should be able to tell. :thinking:

I agree with the advice to just start fresh with a new hub.

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Thanks, I had tried several channels while running a wifi analytics tool to see where there might be less overlapping,it seemed to have inproved the situation for a while then devuce that worked for years stated disconnecting,or stayed connected but would not trigger automations.

I’m talking 30+ devices, so it cant be all of those failed, some are on edge some on DTH, also some are near the hub, so it would be a huge interference, I also turned off my secondary wifi network to try an have less traffic on 2.4ghz but no success.

At the same time, z-wave devices and HUE devjces (on their bridge,connected to the ST hub) continued to work flawlessly triggering automations without delays or fails.

The zigbee situation has been deteriorating for a while now, that’s why I thought of a failing component.
Now I cant pair any zigbee device at all.
Unfortunately here in Italy reaching out to Smartthjngs assistance is a mess, I have to go through Samsung and all the times they make me omicidal.


This is why I don’t think your hub is problematic. If it were that wouldn’t work either.