Smartthings WiFi (hub 2018): Mesh system v2

Well here’s another hub, looks right in line with the v3 hub just released but running as WiFi mesh system to replace the previous connect hub.

What to call it?

  • Hub v3 with WiFi mesh
  • Smartthings WiFi v2

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See the existing active discussion thread. Smartthings Wi-Fi V2 seems reasonable. :sunglasses:

Oops. Missed that thread
Can you close this one @JDRoberts

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I can’t (I’m just another community member, not a moderator), but I’m sure somebody will be along later to combine the threads. :sunglasses:

I agree it looks interesting but I’ve got one question about the z-wave functioning
it appears that every unit will have the z-wave function enabled however many larger homes will have two or more hubs to provide adequate coverage. Is one hub going to be the ‘master z-wave’ with the others acting as repeaters (the most likely scenerio) and, if that’s the case how do we know which is the master hub? I’m asking because several z-wave devices, particularly locks, have to be included directly to the main hub and not initially linked in via a repeater (that’s why I couldn’t use my Aeotec button controller to include the lock the lock had to be included directly to the main controller while it use it all the time to add light switches etc).
It’s not addressed in the current literature on the wifi/mesh hub. does anyone know the answer?