STH-ETH hub problems - inherited hub won’t connect

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I have inherited an STH-ETH-200 hub and some devices; it boots and appears on the network as I can see it in my Linksys app, but the setup step after the welcome code I just get this error without pause every time. Anyone know what I could try? I’ve restarted everything and uninstalled reinstalled etc. also done the reset button on the back plugging in power at the same time.

This is using a LAN wired connection, it’s solid green LED on the front with that and I can see the hub is on the network from my routers app. So Samsungs app won’t proceed and I can’t use any of these devices it seems…? I’ve also tried with the LAN cable removed.

This is probably too obvious, but does the hub have an active Internet connection available? Smartthings is still primarily a cloud-based system, it’s not enough to just be on the local LAN. It has to be able to reach the smartthings cloud to complete setup.

Like I said, probably too obvious, but I just wanted to get that out-of-the-way first. :thinking:

Solid green is a good sign. My guess is that it is still registered to the previous owner. You tried resetting the hub so you may need to contact ST support as it may need to be removed from their account.

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Yes I’ve checked definitely connected to internet. Probably still linked to my mums old account - is there a way to get this removed using the serial on the hub or the welcome code or something? Don’t have access to her account.

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Contact ST support. Include a photo of the bottom of the hub that clearly shows the serial number.

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Any luck I have the same problem with my STH-ETH-200 2015 V2 Hub

led color on the front of the hub? have you contacted ST support?

I just contacted them now and they are working on adding my hub manually. They said it is a known issue with the 2015 V2 hubs and the app, that it keeps asking for the location name while trying to set up a new hub. It is a never ending loop of the adding a location page, and every time you input a location name it really does add a new location btw, you just never progress to actually adding the hub. I did try the pressing back buttons a bunch of times, as another user mentioned, but it just brought me to a different screen on a white page with the add a location and add a room fields, however I couldn’t select anything. According to the person on the phone they are “working on a solution”, lol…

Here is smartthings support response below:

Greetings from Smartthings!

We have received an update from Escalation Team, please check their reply below;

“The location loop issue while adding the hub is currently a known issue that our devs are currently looking into. Unfortunately, there is no ETA on a fix for this. Apologize for the delay and thank the user for their patience while we continue working on the issue. Let the user know we’ve had multiple users contact us with this issue, so we are working to resolve as quickly as possible.”

Our sincere apologies again regarding this but our developers team are working on it now and we’re hoping and waiting for a fix soon as well.


So I now have a hub I can’t use until they figure this out, oh well…

I’m thinking of getting a hubitat hub, do you all think thats a good option?

It is a good option but with any system, you should check it out before purchasing. What works for some may not work for all… same goes for ST. Choice is good. You can even get both and link them.

I run both HE and ST. They each have their pros and cons.

You can get a cheap ($25-$35) Hubitat C7 hub on ebay now that the C8 is out. The C7 has 700 series zwave controller and zigbee 1.2 support, ethernet connectivity (optional Wifi with USB dongle). The C8 is 800 series zwave and zigbee 3.0. Ethernet/wifi built in. Other specs (cpu/ram/flash) are all the same.

There are two main projects to link HE and ST together. Look up HubiThings Replica or Mira. Mira is my project that I created to allow me to share devices between. They each have their use cases.

So if you’re interested in Hubitat, trying a C7 for not much money isn’t a bad way to start out. You can upgrade to a C8 later (and they provide a cloud based migration to the C8 for free) and use both as part of the HE ecosystem.

The HE forum is filled with nice folks who answer questions. Theres a series of posts about converting to HE from other platforms, that may be helpful to see if its right for you and what you gain or give up by moving devices from ST.

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Thank you so much for that info! I mainly use alexa now, don’t frown on me for that, lol, but honestly a smart home isn’t smart unless you can actually talk to it! It’s my opinion. So I installed a bunch of TP link switches that work amazingly well in my house over wifi with Alexa, so I’m happy with that. I just needed a hub that works with some zwave locks and such, so I think the info you gave me will help me in that matter. Thanks again!

We use Alexa too with devices on both ST and HE. HE’s Alexa implementation has the benefit that you can control what devices she sees, unlike ST. (ST used to be able to do this but it was removed years ago).

Either the C7 or the C8 would work fine with Zwave locks. The 700/800 series chips (or the HE implementation of them, required for Zwave certification) tends to be worse about “ghost devices” more-so than ST’s implementation with the 500 series, but its gotten better. The C8 has external antennas which help a lot with Zwave/Zigbee range over the C7. Some folks have modded their C7 for external antennas as well.

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I forgot to mention to all having this problem that smart things did end up solving my problem and my hub has been working fine for months now.

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