Garage door sensor programming: notify if left open?

I put two ST sensors (temp, motion, tilt) on my garage doors because sometimes they get left open after we leave. My ST App is set to alert me after 15 minutes if either garage is left open. I have it set for “Night”, “Away” and “Guest” because when I am home I do sometimes leave them open and do not need the alert. I am not getting the alert when they are left open and I have tested this by leaving open and going somewhere (Away) for half and hour and nothing happens. Is this because it is not opening while I am gone, negating the “left open” functionality…which is what I really want?

I am using ST Classic and have not gotten into WebCore because of the looming migration to the new app.

Thx for the help.

Using custom alerts in Smart Home Monitor? Push notifications or SMS? What region are you located because ST stopped sending SMS to all countries except the US?

I am in the US.

Are you looking for a push notification or SMS? Push should work just fine. This garage notification/action app does that and it’s working here.
Are you using a Routine or some automation to notify you in the Classic app? Does you garage sensor show that it’s open?

I will try this version. Thanks!

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