Alert if Door (contact) is open X minutes?

(Brian Smith) #1

So I’m trying to remove some old entries from my dashboard since they don’t work reliably. One that I can’t find via native apps (like Notify When) is the notify me when a door is left open for X minutes. I’m guessing I have to use a community app for this one?

(Dan) #2

You can do it in Smart Home Monitor as a Custom Alert.


try the app “something left open”

(Brian Smith) #4

Ah, didn’t even think to look in SHM. Of course, I’m trying to do it now but ST seems to be down at the moment since I can’t connect with my app. Anyone else having issues?

(Brian Smith) #5

Back up now. Was down for about 3 or 4 minutes there. Internet was fine here - took phone on and off wifi to test.

(Brian Smith) #6

Hmm… The problem I see is that if I select notify me when open and closed and also set the For How Long, it notifies me when the door has been closed for X minutes. not open. The old way in the Dashboard would be to notify if open for X minutes. Seems like there is less intelligence in SHM at the moment.

(Dan) #7

In SHM->Custom Alert
-> Open/Close Sensor
->Select your sensor(s)
->Turn on “Sensor Opens”
->Turn Off “Sensor Closes”
->For How Long: set to X minutes
->Turn Off “Only Once per Day”
->Leave Blank “Once within this number of minutes”

Optionally set the mode, time of day, days of the week (I leave these all defaulted)

Works great for me.


(Edwin Weston) #8

Does the feature tell you which door is open? I tried this and all it sends is the message I entered in the setup.

(Realy Living Dream) #9

I use something left open for freezer and cellar doors to outside, it works fine. I get SMS and push notifications of what is open as well as turning on and setting color of Hue Blooms.
The wife loves nothing more than a call/text from me when I am on the road telling her she left the freezer open again.