Alert if Door (contact) is open X minutes?

So I’m trying to remove some old entries from my dashboard since they don’t work reliably. One that I can’t find via native apps (like Notify When) is the notify me when a door is left open for X minutes. I’m guessing I have to use a community app for this one?

You can do it in Smart Home Monitor as a Custom Alert.

try the app “something left open”

Ah, didn’t even think to look in SHM. Of course, I’m trying to do it now but ST seems to be down at the moment since I can’t connect with my app. Anyone else having issues?

Back up now. Was down for about 3 or 4 minutes there. Internet was fine here - took phone on and off wifi to test.

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Hmm… The problem I see is that if I select notify me when open and closed and also set the For How Long, it notifies me when the door has been closed for X minutes. not open. The old way in the Dashboard would be to notify if open for X minutes. Seems like there is less intelligence in SHM at the moment.

In SHM->Custom Alert
-> Open/Close Sensor
->Select your sensor(s)
->Turn on “Sensor Opens”
->Turn Off “Sensor Closes”
->For How Long: set to X minutes
->Turn Off “Only Once per Day”
->Leave Blank “Once within this number of minutes”

Optionally set the mode, time of day, days of the week (I leave these all defaulted)

Works great for me.


Does the feature tell you which door is open? I tried this and all it sends is the message I entered in the setup.

I use something left open for freezer and cellar doors to outside, it works fine. I get SMS and push notifications of what is open as well as turning on and setting color of Hue Blooms.
The wife loves nothing more than a call/text from me when I am on the road telling her she left the freezer open again.

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