Can Samsung Multipurpose sensor detect knock ONLY when closed?

Playing with my new multipurpose sensors. Just mounted one to the front door. It cleanly identifies when the door is open/closed now (and temperature). I’d like to set up something with the accelerometer to tell me when it vibrates, but I would ONLY want such a report if the door didn’t just get slammed shut. So I think I want to be reported about vibrations only with the sensor is closed? Can that be done? Still learning the capabilities of this ST system

I have 4 multi sensors at 4 doors and the only time I get vibration is when knocking. Open/close doesn’t activate my vibration sensor.

When my front door is closed/shut the vibration triggers the accelerometer… No one else?

The standard SmartThings features don’t have a “while” condition, but the community developed smartapp core does. I expect it would be pretty easy to do with that.

Here’s the peer assistance thread for core, just ask there.

There is an app on the Smarthings Marketplace in the “More” category called “Door Knocker”. I use this to detect vibration for a closed door sensor.

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Thank you for your reply. I have found that app to be very close to what I want. I want to look at the code and see if I can make it only work when the door is closed and forget about the delay.

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