Intrustion alert on the Door multi sensor (the first gen one)

Hi All,
I didnt find anything that was exactly like this already posted so I thought it was fitting to start a new thread.

I am finding that my front door multi sensor is triggering false intrusion alarms when it is only detective shaking rather than a full on openining/closing of the door. I live in a row home so sometimes if my neighbors slam their door shut my door will shake. When I check the sensor history it does not register an opening or a closing but will still trigger an intrusion.

Any advice on this? I wish there was a way to tone done the sensitivity of the sensor in the alarm settings but only found that it mentions open/closing, not vibrations.

Doesn’t look like you are using any smartapps for monitoring this sensor yet. You can pick vibration or contact sensor to monitor. I know SHM has custom rule to just monitor one device and you can select vibration or open/close sensor.

My ST multisensors are always giving false ‘acceleration’ activations.
As I have CoRE pistons to sound an ‘alarm’ and turn on all my lights in the house…I found I was being woken up on a regular basis. So I now use a ‘virtual switch’ that activates when the sensor becomes active. The virtual switch then stays active for a few minutes, and my CoRE piston only fires if both the virtual switch is on and a sensor becomes activated. That way I have been able to reduce my false alarms.

What smart things have you installed? I guess you need to check it with the professional experts.