Knock on door to make light turn on

hey guys i thought there was an app in ST to do this but i couldnt find one.

I have a SmartSense multi on my garage door and zwave controlled light outside the door. Right now I have it set so then the door opens the light automatically turns on and when i close it it turns off…

What I wanted to do was utilize the knock sensor on the multi so if I’m outside the door when its closed and locked, if I just knock on the door, the light will come on for a few minutes and then turn back off (Without having to open the door)…is there a way to do this?

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have you figured this one out? I too would like to accomplish a similar task with the “vibration” of the multi sensor.

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I too would like to find out how do this. When we are watching a movie in the basement, it would be nice to have a light flash when someone knocks on the front door.

There is a shared app that someone made thats listed in the SharedApps section of the IDE…it’s called “Someone is Knocking - Door Closed” …should do the trick…

There is (or was) an app that could do this. I think it was called “The Flasher” or something like that. I have it setup to turn on lights in my home if there is vibration to my doors when we are away or asleep. Some SmartApps seems a little harder to find with the redesigned mobile app.

While I’ve got it to work with the “Convenience” option under “more” in the smartThings app… it gets false positives whenever we open the door or close it. It works (which is good)… so when someone knocks, I get the notification, but it’s annoying to get them when the door opens and closes or when my neighbor upstairs slams hers. :frowning:

I’ve tried using it only in close and open and neither states (flip flopping)… with no luck.
Bust one so far is the “closed” state for obvious reasons.

So, if I can manage to figure how to prevent it fro mnotifying when the door is open or is closed, I;m golden.
I’ve noticed I’ve had to integrate lots of checks between my mobile and eventGhost to get most things to work they way I want them to. :expressionless: