Multi sensors viration sensor

I just purchased a 10 pack of the multi-sensors. I realized that these can do vibration detection, with that being said which end of the sensor should mount on the door and which end on the door jam? I’m assuming the larger end goes on the door in order to detect the vibration? Does it matter?

@jeremywhittaker the larger part needs to be mounted on the door

That’s what I assumed. Thanks @urman

And if you’re looking at building a door-knock detector, let me know! I built this but would love to have input, pull requests, etc:

@imbrian I was actually thinking about writing a program that would unlock my deadbolt with a certain knock sequence! Not sure if this is possible but I will definitely explore it in the next few weeks.

@jeremywhittaker - I’m not sure you’ll have as granular detection of vibration as you’ll need for a “password knock”. I’ve found the vibration is triggered and lasts for a few seconds, even if it’s an immediate knock. Would be interested in seeing what you come up with, though.

@imbrian Yea just thinking about it logically in my head is does seem that it might be rather complex. It is honestly just an idea at this point and I haven’t even started working on it.

Still lots of great uses for the multi-sesnor. I’m using mine for the door knocker - I also have them on my windows and doors to let me know if something is opened while I’m away. They let me know if something’s open when it’s about to rain and they let me know if something’s open while my HVAC is on. Interested in seeing what other functionality I can program into them.

Is there a way to add Sonos or ObyThing integration to the Door Knocker app you’ve created? Essentially, instead of a push notification, I’d like a sound to play on my speakers.

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@naq90 - do you have any reference material for how Sonos can play a sound file / read text? I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to add if I had something to reference.

Sorry it took so long! This is the code for Obything’s Notify With Sound.

@naq90, I think this does what your looking for. When someone knocks at the door, a light will flash, and a custom message will play out a sonos speaker. It uses imbrian’s door knocker with a few modifications to work reliably in my setup. Anyway, your welcome to try it:


Thank you so so much! I was actually about to try some stuff with tasker + sharptools to see if I could work it out another method. But this will save me a lot of time. I will test this out today and let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

So I had a chance to install and try out your SmartApp but I’m having some issues. The app is behaving in exactly the opposite manner I’d like it to. I don’t get a notification when someone knocks, but I get a notification every time someone opens and closes the door. I’m going to look at the settings and try reinstalling it again.

That’s weird. I have this running on 3 doors without a problem. I have the Smartsense Multi sensor installed on the doors (not the Open/Close one). If you have the same one, is the bigger piece installed on the door and the smaller one on the frame?

I too have a SmartSense Multi Sensor and yes, it is set up just as you said. It’s the strangest thing. Would the knock delay have anything to do with it?