Can not connect ET-WV520 HUB

I have one ET-WV520 Connect Home device and I am trying to configure it on another network in my home (I have 3 different internet providers at this time). Regarding the ET-WV520, after I reset it, I cannot configure it using smartthings. when trying to configure the device using the SmartThings app it fails at 69% and then shows a screen with an 36-302 error code. Apparently the Connect Home device firmware is outdated and that something changed in the server side for the setup process for this device and they need the latest firmware to work properly, but can not update the firmware if the device is not set up, and can’t set it up without updating the firmware.

Can you guys help me with the procedure to be followed to update the firmware and/or to configure it on my smartthing application? Thanks in advance for any help, Best regards Marcos Silva from rio de Janeiro - Brasil