Can not add things after reset / remove location

have have a problem with my network. I accidentally clicked remove location in the app and with that reset the whole hub. I unfortunately did not remove all my nodes (Spruce sprinkler and several GE switched) from the network.

Now after I setup the Hub again, I can not add any of the nodes to the hub.
Is there a way to add the hub back to the old zwave network? Or is there a way to reset all the nodes?

Thanks, Tobias

Hi Tobias,
Unfortunately, that was one button you really didn’t want to click on and then approve…

You must now do a forced exclusion on every one of your devices. You will then have to reconnect them to the hub, one at a time. Then, you will need to reinstall all of your smartapps and rebuild all of your automations from scratch.

Good luck.

Thank you very much for your response.
can you also explain how I can do the forced exclusion?