Can no longer remove devices

I cannot remove any devices using 1.7.4 of the android app. Clicking the remove button on the device preference page used to initiate a z-wave removal, now nothing happens. I have emailed support.

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Same thing here. However, the iOS version works

Same here. The ‘Remove’ and ‘Replace’ buttons change color temporarily, acknowledging they were pressed, but then nothing.

@jody.albritton, did you ever get this resolved? I’m emailing support because I have the same problem and I’m curious what you had to do? Delete it in the IDE instead?

The exclusion in the device preferences still does not work for me. In the mobile app I had to use the General Z-wave exclusion. It’s listed under your hub under z-wave utilities.

Thanks, that’s what I did as well after removing SmartApps and deleting from the IDE. What a PITA. I wish the Replace feature worked…

I used one of the kids IPhones.

I don’t have any iphones, ipads, etc.