Can't remove (exclude) dead device?

I am unable to delete devices because it says these are still in use by an installed smartapp. I believe this is related to the release of the new IOS app. Even when I have verified that the device is not in use by any apps.
The new IOS dashboard view includes apps that we cannot modify. So once you import your devices into this dashboard view they are in a smartapp.
I need to be able to remove some dead zwave devices.


You should shoot an email to support. I’ve had a similar problem where I couldn’t remove a device, because it was in use by a bogus app. Support was able to help promptly.

You need to delete it from your dashboard view and then delete it. You can also try going to the device under the “Things” view and then click SmartApps under there. It should list any apps that are configured to use it. If that doesn’t help, I would reach out to support and they will definitely be able to help you.

OK…it was completely related to the new IOS Dashboard. I only have one IOS device in my family and it was the problem. Thanks for the help.