Connect with Lenovo Smart Display/Google Home

I don’t know why, I’ve been trying to connect my Lenovo Smart Display with my smartthings hub and it says that it’s connected but it’s not. I added a device through Samsung Smart Home, logged on to my samsung account, but I cannot control anything from it. I’m trying to control my daily routines from it, including lights & switches which are connected to my hub. Whole reason why I got the Display in the first place is because the routines works so much better with the Display. Any solutions to this?

You need to use SmartThings Classic app to control your devices.

Do you have the SmartThings app on the Smart Display?

Nop. I have Serias 8 Samsung smart TV and it doesn’t even have a Samsung SmartThings app of any kind in their TV’s app store.

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I was more asking @feng_shue :smiley:

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@Benji @lmosenko

Okay found the problem. I connected to the Samsung Smart Home. It’s supposed to be connected through SmartThings/Samsung Connect. Just knew there was separate ways of connecting it. Find it a bit weird though, should it be the same haha LOL

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