How to mirror my phone screen to tv

  1. I have 4 Samsung products:

A Tab A tablet.
An A03 core phone (no SIM only used for
An A14 4G phone.
A Smart TV.

  1. The tablet has smart view in the drop down menu and casts to the tv fine!

  2. I’ve installed every app on the phones that has the words smart and view in the name - some connect to the telly and some don’t l!

  3. But when I click mirror screen on the apps they say device not found.

  4. What is the correct app for my phones?


Model number of the television?

I’ve got Smart View in the drop down ‘Quick Panel’ but I can’t find it outside of that. Have you tried editing the buttons to see if it is one of the ‘Available buttons’ that haven’t been added to the panel?

I actually thought SmartThings was meant to have taken over the functionality of Smart View years ago so I was a bit surprised to see I still have it.

Its model UE55BU8000KXXU.

I’ve got smartthings seeing my tv but i cant see a cast to tv option.

I can turn the bloody tv on or off though!

Bloody useless load of crap!

It’s just a way for Samshite to sell you more Samshite products!

I give up!

I only have a knackered old Samsung TV. With that it seems you have to switch the TV to its Screen Mirroring ‘input’ and use the Screen View app from the pull down menu on the phone.

I thought the idea was that for newer TVs the Smart View functionality was baked into the SmartThings app. It is the sort of thing I’d probably expect to be in the three dot options menu on the TV’s details page.