Frequently need to reactivate Life360 Linked Service

I use Life360 as presence sensor for my family’s devices to trigger HVAC modes. I frequently over the last month or two have noticed the HVAC in away mode. All I need to do to resolve is run through the connect process for Life360 in SmartThings and it goes back to ‘home’. That leads me to believe it’s a SmartThings issue vs. a Life360 issue. Does anyone experience similar and have a resolution?

I still use Life360 and I am not seeing any issues. But I should stress that the current Life360 smartapp is based on the old legacy groovy platform. When ST ends support for Groovy, then the current Life360 smartapp will cease. I will miss it but I know its days are numbered.

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Well that sucks. Anything built in to ST that can do presence detection based on multiple devices? I seem to recall not which is why I built the automations with ST.

I think it was something about being able to define a radius around home vs. just when you pull in the driveway.

The built in option is “get location from your phone” in the ST app under Menu > settings. Once you enable it, you can use it in Routines. Samsung phones have additional features.

There some other options that are not built in and require additional hardware or software:

  • one being SharpTools and Tasker if you have Android devices.
  • presence sensors ( look in Add device > by device type > presence sensors