Life360 and ST presence sensor

Possibly a silly question, but can you use 2 devices per user for presence sensor and whatever one goes “away” first is the one it uses?

Im struggling with using my iPhone as a presence sensor. So i moved to life360, but i still can’t, for the life of me have it automatically move to the “goodbye” as its still saying that my phone is present, even though im actually away.

I like the idea of the ST presence sensor as folk say it more reliable, but i dont always have my keys on me, whereas, I’ll always have my phone.


Yes. I use a pistion in webCoRE and ST virtual presence sensor. I use my phone, Life360 and have added the beta webCoRE presence to trigger the virtual presence sensor.

Have a look here:

If you set up Group Presence1, it will work for you

Or if you want something simpler then try:

Which is one of the apps I based Presence Central on

Although I now use my app ‘Reliable Presence’ works well

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