Can I have the new and classic app installed in the same device?

Wondering if this is possible and are there any consequences.

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The new and Classic ST apps are just a front end, a user interface to access your apps and devices. They aren’t linked to a any particular device/app.

You can have both installed and you’ll be seeing the same things (mostly) just in different UI’s. Notifications will be duplicated (each app will send a notification when configured), so be sure to turn off notifications in one of the two apps. There are other differences between the apps capabilities and you can find them on many of the FAQ’s on the forum


Is the new app available in the UK or is it my phone that causes me not to find it?

The app requires 2Gb of memory and doesn’t appear in Google Play if your device doesn’t come up to spec. Could that be the issue?

Definitely available in the UK and I believe it’s pre-installed on every new Samsung phone. I have a Google Pixel and just installed from Play store.


Hmmmmm…I shall check, though I think it has

You can also open while logged in to your phone Google account on a browser. That’ll tell you if it is incompatible with any of your devices.


It seems that Samsung Connect doesn’t desire my services as a user

I can’t access it on my fire tablet either???

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