New Connect app silent install

Ok. Long time user of SmatThings. Account migrated to Samsung account a few weeks ago, but still using the Classic app and waiting until advised I can use the new Connect app. Pick up my Samsung S6 this afternoon (UK time…) and I find the new Connect app already installed, but not by me… Now I know Samsung have a history of un-asked for apps being loaded, but this flies in the face of their own advice! The Classic app still works, and so does the new one. Anyone else noticed this. And, more importantly, should I start using the new app? This last bit mainly aimed at Support… :smile:

I’m using a S9 now, but had a S6 until about 6 months ago.

I saw the same thing. The connect app showed up on the S6 without me installing it. I just assumed that Samsung pushed it.

It should not be a concern. I just continued to use the classic app and everything worked fine.

My S9 has the connect app installed by default. I’ve never run it and just installed the classic app. All is good.

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You can use both, some things just don’t show up in both (routines, SHM)

Can you elaborate on how you set it up? I claimed the hub in the connect app, but it created a blank location. I use the same email to log in, different passwords between classic and connect.

most important thing is that you login with a Samsung account, not a SmartThings account. So if you setup your hub before May 2017, you need to wait to be migrated to the samsung account.

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